Bisco's Italian Salsa is the creation of Dan (Bisco) Corsaro and you may ask WHY Italian?
The answer is simple: It is made by one and has a fresh homemade Italian taste.
Your next question might be: What is Italian Salsa?
Answer: A different and uniquely flavored salsa guaranteed to make your taste buds waken and your creative spirit soar!

Bisco and Company would like to thank everyone for stopping by our booth at the Wine on Ice in Elmira and the Buffalo Wine Festival in Buffalo.

Bisco's is not just for dipping. It can be used as a sauce or in your favorite Mexican or Italian recipes. Use it in meatloaf to liven it up, on a burger in place of ketchup, in chili, on omelets, and with seafood. Experiment with Bisco's Italian Salsa and your ordinary meals take on new life!

Olive oil tasting daily with Bisco's HOME MADE BREAD we will be adding two new olive oils... Chipotle and Hot Pepper Olive Oils.

Plus we have a lot of other localy made products you must come in and see and sample.

Email Dan @ Bisco Foods for General Information, a FUND RAISER, or a DEMONSTRATION for your group or school.

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Two new Events have been added for January and April, 2014.